Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation – CVE

In our detailed comprehensive report, we include the following:

– Interests Assessment

– Aptitudes

– Work Values

– Personality Test

– Transferable Skills

– Academic Testing

– Brief IQ Testing

Work Site Evaluations – OJE

These types of evaluations are conducted by observing the clients’ hand-on performance and career exploration in a variety of work areas. The final report includes an evaluation of the following areas:

– Work Behavior & Social Skills

– Work Performance

– Strengths Relative to Employment Outcomes

– Barriers to Employment

– Accommodation Needs

We have a team of 5 Vocational Evaluation Administrators, and 2 Certified Vocational Evaluators

The following counties are served by our examiners: Pasco, Pinellas, Polk, Hernando, Hilborough, Levy, Marion,  Citrus,  Sumter, Lake, and Orange